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May 2, 2017

End of Book 1

Yes, this is end.

Of Book 1, anyway! Spill Zone 2 comes out in July 2018. But we’ll be serializing it right here starting in October.

In the meantime, stay tuned to this blog for behind-the-scenes stuff, fan art, and news about the series. Plus, you can buy the hardback at last. It came out yesterday!

I hope you enjoyed the ride. Alex, Hilary, and I have really enjoyed putting this graphic novel out into the world. Much thanks to them, and to the crew at First Second for shepherding Spill Zone into its webcomic and physical forms, and for doing such a brilliant job of editing, designing, and marketing the book.

You can come see me talk about the book in these cities: Menlo Park CA, Bethesda MD, Athens and Buford GA, Dallas TX, Parma OH, St Paul MN, Santa Cruz CA, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Austin TX, Coral Gables FL, Rhinebeck NY, or New York City. Details here.

And don’t forget that the Free Comic Books Day prequel, called Spill Night, is out soon—May 6. Wherever fine comic books are sold!

Thanks to all of you who read along with Spill Zone, especially those who commented, retweeted, and otherwise shared the site. It would have been somewhat pointless without you!

Till next Wednesday, when there will be something new here, I promise.

Scott out.


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image of commenter, princesswillow
1 year ago

love this book even read it to my mom and she loved it to

image of commenter, Birn
1 year ago

Can't wait for the second book!!

image of commenter, Dragonnerd
1 year ago

I'm so excited for the next book I've already put the release month in my calendar so I know :))) I really loved the first one and I'm definitely gonna read it a couple more hundred times ;)

image of commenter, Foxes Beyond
Foxes Beyond
1 year ago

I am so sad I have to wait a whole YEAR for the next book... :( BBBUUUUTTTT.... the first book is awsome! I keep reading it repeadedly! keep up the good work!

image of commenter, TheIceGuardian
1 year ago

I loved the first book. I really liked the cliff hanger ending aswell. But please try and make the second book faster, I don't want to losee interest before the second one comes out.

image of commenter, Rose Embolism
Rose Embolism
1 year ago

I just want to say that I've been completely enthralled by your comic- the combination of the artwork, characterization and plotting, plus the incredibly bizarre setting, puts it in my top 10 for webcomics. I have to note that the completion of this story arc will put this comic in contention for the 2018 Hugo Awards. I'm going to start promoting it as a worthy contender.

image of commenter, Amy
1 year ago

Hi! How can't I get a copy of Spill Night?

image of commenter, Gary Worley
Gary Worley
1 year ago

Got into SZ via FCBD and well impressed! The story length makes a detailed story more novel than comic, Roadside Picnic/Stalker comes to mind. The spill simply does not care about us. Is book 2 going to take us hard sci fi, fantasy or something else more character driven, can't wait! All the little touches as well, the Banksy-esqe anonymous art sales, the realistic dirt biking sneaking past the checkpoint and back matter beneath each page, excellent!

image of commenter, Jayle Enn
Jayle Enn
1 year ago

Waited most of an hour for my favourite local shop to open, but happily snagged a copy of Spill Night!

image of commenter, Bree
1 year ago

*Stomps on purple thing* "Oh, sorry - was that your betrothed?"