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November 9, 2016

End of Part 1

This is the end of Part 1 of Spill Zone. But that doesn’t mean we’re pausing!

We’ll have the first pages of Part 2 next Wednesday, and six more new pages every Wednesday between now and May 2, 2017. (Except maybe around the holidays. It’s possible we got the math wrong, and will double up or skip a week. Counting is hard, okay?)

Thanks for all your eyeballs and engagement. About seven thousand of you have read Spill Zone so far. I’d like to give special thanks to those of you who’ve shared it on social media, forwarded it to your friends, and generally spread the word. If you’re enjoying the story, please take a moment to tell others about it. These days, broadcasting what you love is one of the best ways to support artists and help more cool stuff get made.

Also, don’t forget the comments section! Theories? Conjectures? Doll phobias? Tell us how you feel.

See you next Wednesday, when Part 2 of Spill Zone begins.


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image of commenter, Owen
1 year ago

So Addie knows that Lexa's doll is named Vespertine. Which means either the doll was named that before the spill when Lexa could still talk or that Lexa wrote it down for Addie at sometime since then. If it means the former, that makes me wonder if Vespertine has been able to communicate with Lexa since before the spill and that's how Lexa came up with the name. This is a generalization, of course, but 'Vespertine' doesn't seem like the most common doll name and that doll is (or looks like) a Raggedy Ann doll. So why would Lexa have named her Vespertine instead of Anne or Annie or something similar unless Vespertine told Lexa her name. Which makes me think that Vespertine is a separate entity entirely that is either associated with whatever caused the Spill or in direct opposition to it and is now working with Lexa to fix things (the "Friend of a Friend" comment lends to this idea). Clearly a lot of overthinking here on my part, but also clearly a lot more going on with Vespertine than meets than eye. Fascinating story so far! Can't wait to find out what happens.