Scott Westerfeld and Alex Puvilland

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February 14, 2018

All manner of sh*t is about to go down

I don’t think you need anyone over here on team Spill Zone to reinforce the fact that things are about to go right off the rails.

we’re as excited as any of you for what is about to happen in the zone, but I can’t help feel bad for Addison. Tanea’s offer from book one sure seemed like a golden ticket, but as they say “Just when you think you’re out, interdimensional meat puppets pull you back in.”


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image of commenter, Bailey
9 months ago

yall are baibies!!! this is the best damn book series i have read in a long time! I need to know what happens from beginning to end!!!!!!!!!!!!

image of commenter, Dannielle
11 months ago

Hello, Ilog on too your blog on a regular basis. Youur humoristic style is witty, keep doing what you're doing!

image of commenter, Osk
11 months ago

Jesus, this is a good series.