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April 25, 2017

Penultimate Pages!

Yes, this is the second-to-last installment of Book 1 of Spill Zone.

Let us recap:

Addison has found her million-dollar-bounty. Wiley has found the incriminating photos. Lexa has found her voice. And Vespertine? Well, she’s ABOUT to find something—exactly what, you will discover next Wednesday.

Or you can find out next TUESDAY, May 2, if you head out to your local comics shop and buy Spill Zone in its delicious full-color, hardcover glory! (Click here to find an indie bookstore close to you.)

That night I’ll be onstage at Vroman’s Books in Pasadena, CA, in conversation about Spill Zone with the wonderful Tracy Brown, who writes about books and comics for the LA Times. Hope to see some of you Los Angelinos there.

I’ll also be in another fourteen cities in the next three weeks, bringing my own personal shill zone wherever I go! Please come and see me in Menlo Park CA, Bethesda MD, Athens and Buford GA, Dallas TX, Parma OH, St Paul MN, Santa Cruz CA, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Austin TX, Coral Gables FL, Rhinebeck NY, or New York City. Tour specifics here.

This is also the last week you can pre-order the book, and thus get the special free tattoos. They are really cool.

And finally, let me remind you that the Free Comic Books Day prequel, called Spill Night, will be out on May 6. Wherever fine comic books are sold, and given away on FCBD!

Thanks to all of you who’ve come so far with us.

Hope to see you next week for the last pages of Spill Zone, Book 1.


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Mike Z
1 year ago

Look at her eye color! She has touched the fire.