Scott Westerfeld and Alex Puvilland

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October 26, 2017


You’ve been asking for the chance to read our Free Comic Book Day comic since it was initially announced, and the day is finally here.

I’ve always had a thing for imaginary friends. Whether invisible or in doll form, these childhood familiars occupy the twilight between innocent kid magic and the uncanny, eldritch fears of adults. Hence horror’s fascination with scary dolls, murderous clowns, an the monsters under the bed.

What if your imaginary friend wasn’t simply a doll? What if she came from another ¬†place, somewhere truly alien and sinister? And what if that world was spilling into ours?

Spill Night is a prequel to Spill Zone,¬†and you’re probably still have lots of questions. Like what really happened the night of the spill? And what link does the Spill have to do with Vespertine? This story should give you a few new clues.

Be on the lookout, there’s more coming soon.


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image of commenter, Jeff H
Jeff H
12 months ago

Will the prequel comic be available in the next volume? Loved Volume 1. Can't wait for more!