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Scott Westerfeld and Alex Puvilland

July 11, 2018

For always and always kid

And so ends Spill Zone.

Thanks to everyone who followed along. This is a project that been years in the making, and it’s pretty wild for the entirety of the story to finally be out in the world.

The good news is that books one and two are now available in print editions wherever books are sold. You can also head over to the books section of this site and order one there.

In the meantime, the webcomic will stay available.

As she said so perfectly, “For always and always kid”.



image of commenter,Elijah Nelson
Elijah Nelson
4 weeks ago

I was absolutely enraptured by these two books; the worldbuilding and aesthetic that absolutely FLOWED from them was incredible. We need a third to wrap it up thoooo :(((

image of commenter,P3YT0N
7 months ago

i read the first book, but i cant get a hold of the second one. i liked the first one, thanks for the good read.

image of commenter,Bllizardo
1 year ago

Nice story :) spill that ink and give us more of that art

image of commenter,Avery
1 year ago

Is there a book for this that is not a graphic novel? Just curious! :)

image of commenter,RBRUH
2 years ago

OMG this book is SOOO good I enjoyed reading it I wish book 3 will come out soon:)

image of commenter,تام
2 years ago

شكرا ، أنا أحب ذلك ، يرجى القيام بذلك مرة أخرى

image of commenter,kj and miles and jl
kj and miles and jl
2 years ago

THIS BOOK WAS SOOOOOO GOOD me and my friends read it together and we absolutly enjoyed it we would love for there to be a thrid book. PLEASE MAKE ONE

image of commenter,X
3 years ago

Devoured both books the day I borrowed them each from the library. If only there was a third book - they're just so good! Imagine how spectacular a movie adaptation would be... Although, they're good enough just how they are, in graphic novel form. If you enjoyed (or are enjoying) the books as much as I do, I'm sure you'll agree.

image of commenter,Sam Stone
Sam Stone
3 years ago

My Graphic Novels class had the opportunity to read BOTH books and we ABSOLUTELY loved them. Please tell me there will be a book #3 :)

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July 5, 2018

Rule One: Only fly at night


It looks like Addison has really fine tuned her flying skills and Don Jae is back! How happy are you? I know that when he got taken out with that tranquilizer dart I was certain that he was done for. Do you think that there’s still time to sign up for late night flying club? Because I want in!

As for saying that Vespertine and her betrothed are not this world’s problem anymore, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I was starting to take a liking to the little nightmare ghost princess.

Tune in next week to see our final post!


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June 27, 2018

Say the words.

This week brings a lot of surprises. Looks to me like the bridge between the two worlds is back open thanks to Tan’ea.

I wonder what kind of art she will bring.

And after seeing what they did to our world, why would she ever consider joining theirs?

Come back next week, because there are only two more to go!

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June 20, 2018


Following the decisive attack by the military, the civil war is over and the bridge between the two worlds severed. 3 years later, Addison and Lexa have returned to a normal lifestyle… or so they think.

The attack seemed to have answered so many questions, but opened up the doors to so many more. What’s next for Addison and Lexa? Where is Don Jae? And are we really sure that Vespertine is gone forever? I’m not completely sold on that idea. I was just starting to like having her around.

Come back next week to see how Addison and Lexa are doing!



image of commenter,Brian
4 years ago

I want to know how to read it for free!

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June 13, 2018

Since then our zone has been silent

Sorry, it’s going to be another short post this week. Let’s take another minute to look at this page again, and we’ll see you all next week for the beginning of the end.

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June 6, 2018

Belay that launch order!

Addison comes to under the “protection” of the military. But any relief is short lived. Lexa is in danger, and there’s nothing Addison won’t do for her younger sister. They may be firing missiles, but it seems like Addison is about to have even bigger fish to fry…


image of commenter,Rasti
3 years ago

I want bean chessee Burrtos I get the small coke

image of commenter,Scott
4 years ago

i don't know why it's like that but if you hit next chapter it goes to the next page

image of commenter,Kaisy
4 years ago

Hi, why does it jump from page 410 to 511?

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May 31, 2018

I grant you that wish.

Greetings Spill Zone fans!

Sorry about the short update this week, but come back next Wednesday when we’ll start to see what all of this has been leading up to!


image of commenter,Mir
4 years ago

WHY?! :'(

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May 23, 2018


Woah. Who would have guessed that it was a tranquilizer gun? I’m not sold on Don Jae being taken away for his safety though.

In other news I’m shocked to be writing this, but for once I agree with a Wolf Thing. I’ve been waiting for this showdown with Vespertine for quite some time.



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May 16, 2018

I am the one who has touched the fire

Can all of the Don Jae fans in the house put their hands up?

Holy cow was that cool.

We know he can fly and fight wolf things, but surviving being shot? That may be a two headed deer of a different color.

It looks like you’re going to have to come back next week to find out!


image of commenter,Delta_6
4 years ago

Wow I literally refreshed the page and this week's pages came up! cool!

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May 9, 2018

You made a vow.

Hold on tight dear readers. If you thought things were going to let up, or that Addison was going to ride off into the sunset untouched, I’m sorry to say that you were sadly mistaken. Things are going to have to get a little bit rough before they get better, that is, if they get better at all.
Tune in next week to find out what happens next in THE SPILL ZONE: THE BROKEN VOW.

Next Week: We get to find out what Don Jae means when he says “No.”




image of commenter,Brian
4 years ago

I didn’t read this part yet so but when is part two coming!!!

image of commenter,Bailey
4 years ago

dirty jip!!!!! *ToT* noooo!!!!

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